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About Intergeek

Founded in late 2014, Intergeek aims to bring a community of people together that are interested in SEO, blogging, social media, content marketing and more.

Intergeek aims to stand out in a sea of boring, rehashed content that you’ll find anywhere else.

We’re putting a fresh angle on things with our informal style, whilst providing unique, interesting and actionable tips to improve the fortunes of any blog, website, small business, large business or anything that somehow falls outside of these realms.

The fact that the site receives so many comments praising its unique style is testament to our dedication to standing out.

I welcome you to check out my latest side project, Guide to Matched Betting, particularly if you’re looking to build your online income in the UK.


About the Author

If you’d like to connect with me personally on social media, please do so by following one (or both) of these links: Twitter | Google+

I’m a fresh-but-spotty-faced, early 20s SEO with a receding hairline that suggests maturity far beyond reality.

I write on here because I want to. No other reason.

You might think I’m a massive loser for genuinely enjoying writing about SEO, social media, Google, blogging and other similar areas; the truth is…I am that loser.

I’m absolutely not an expert – too many people call themselves one of those these days – but I like to think that in my short career in the industry, I’ve built up a knowledge that exceeds the average.

However, let’s not complicate things – I’m never going to get overly complex on this site.

Outside of digital marketing, I love football (soccer – Aston Villa specifically, someone has to support them) and my biggest hobby is poker. If you’re interested in losing loads of money by playing cards then I’ll show you how; I’m a master at it. Losing, that is.

I love how similar poker and SEO are. They’re both always changing, and you never know if what you’re doing is 100% correct. You can’t see Google’s cards, after all.

Anyway, if you want to find out more about me, please feel free to get in touch via social media or the contact page – both of which are already linked to on this page.

I look forward to speaking to you in the comments!