Do you want to get in touch?

Of course you do, that’s why you’re on my contact page.

I’m not a fan of contact forms, so you can hit me up via email: contact[AT] – you know what to do.

I’d love to hear from you for any reason!

In the unlikely event of being contacted a large number of times in any one go, I’ve prepared some FAQs for you below; hopefully it will save you (and me) some time asking a question that numerous other people have asked already:





Answering your questions, you?

Would you consider doing a guest blog on my site?

Absolutely, please get in touch. I’m not looking to do loads of these, but if you’ve got an audience willing to listen to my drivel then I’ll definitely consider writing something for you.

Can I write a guest blog for Intergeek?

Absolutely, if you’re up for the task. Please check out my guest blogging opportunities page.

Can I have an autograph? 

Sure, I signed 1,000 of these in preparation for this. However, I advise you to act fast as there’s only 999 left after my mom’s birthday present, and I do want to guarantee disappointment.

Will you link back to my website?

Please feel free to let me know about anything awesome you’ve written or produced – if it’s on topic of course. I’ll always consider linking back to your work, just like I’d love you to link to mine.

I’m looking for help with my SEO, will you do it? 

I’d love to help. Please get in touch with me and I’ll discuss how myself and my current employer can assist your every need.