Guest Posting Opportunities on Intergeek

Guest posting opportunities in the SEO, blogging and marketing niche

After originally launching this site in November 2014 and continuing to build it single handedly ever since – including everything from research, content, design, promotion and the rest – I’ve finally decided that I *may* be willing to allow you to guest post right here on Intergeek.

As you will know (or I’m hoping you know, if you’ve actually had a read around the site), I don’t settle for bog standard, regurgitated crap that you can get on Tom, Dick and Harry’s blogs. I’ve got nothing against them, it’s just not how I do things here.

Therefore, I have very high expectations when it comes to allowing guest posts here on the site. After all, I set myself high standards when I guest post on other sites. Here’s some evidence if you need it:

Here are my rules for guest posts here on Intergeek, but I will warn you: there won’t be many of you up to the task. My demands are simple, but also tough – it’s intentional. I’m only looking for someone to guest post here if you’re willing to go the extra mile – this will shine through in your content.


My Guest Posting Rule(s)

  • It must be the absolute best guide I can find on the internet on any given, pre-arranged subject

That’s basically the only rule you need to follow – if you do the above, you should meet the following criteria quite easily too:

  • 2,000 minimum word count, preferably more
  • We agree the subject beforehand, which will (obviously) be related to SEO, digital marketing or blogging in some way
  • You will be prepared to take feedback on board and make adjustments where necessary

The above is absolutely not looking to put you off. I’m hoping it inspires you to rise to the challenge!


What I Will Do for You

I will link back to your website in your author bio – as long as it’s relevant/useful to my readers, which it should be if you’re in the world of marketing or blogging – and I’ll also link to your Twitter profile.

I will promote your post to my email subscribers and via my social media channels. It would be extremely helpful and appreciated if you could do the same.

Your post, like the rest of my site, will also be kept free from adverts, which will allow readers to enjoy your content to the fullest.


Want to Write a Guest Post?

Hit me up on email: contact [AT]

Please make sure you’ve read the above criteria. I’ve not cried in a long time – please don’t be the one to upset me that much by ignoring what I’ve written on this page.