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How to Get Verified on YouTube and Boost Your Channel

Since YouTube began back in 2005, some of the content creators that use the platform have transformed into digital superstars, and millions of viewers connect with them through the power of video.

Among the stars, you may have noticed a coveted symbol – the verification badge. This tiny checkmark holds immense significance, symbolising authenticity and influence, proving that this channel is the real deal and not some imposter.

But how can you join the ranks of verified YouTube creators?

In this guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries of getting verified on YouTube, help you to understand the significance of that little blue badge, and embark on a journey to authenticate your online presence.

Whether you’re an aspiring content creator, a brand looking to establish authority, or simply curious about the world of YouTube verification, this guide is your ticket to navigating the digital red carpet.

The Value of YouTube Verification: Why It Matters

YouTube verification, symbolised by the coveted blue badge, holds substantial value for content creators and brands alike.

how to get verified on youtube

YouTube verification serves as a digital stamp of authenticity, indicating that your channel or brand is genuine and officially recognised by the platform.

This checkmark badge not only distinguishes you from impersonators but also builds credibility and trust among viewers and potential collaborators. It tells your audience that you’re a legitimate and reliable source of content or information, which can be especially vital in an online landscape where trust is paramount.

YouTube verification unlocks a range of exclusive benefits that enhance your channel’s functionality and visibility too.

Verified channels gain access to features such as custom URLs, early access to new tools and features, and priority support from YouTube. These perks can be game-changers for content creators and brands, streamlining their efforts and offering unique opportunities to expand their reach and engagement with the audience.

The verification badge goes beyond providing technical advantages; it also instils confidence in your audience.

When viewers see the blue checkmark, they know they are engaging with a reputable and recognised entity. This confidence can lead to increased viewer loyalty, higher engagement rates, and an improved overall relationship with your audience. Verified status can signal to your viewers that you take your content seriously and are dedicated to delivering high-quality material.

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Famous Verified YouTube Creators

The realm of YouTube verification is adorned with inspiring success stories and influential verified creators.

Here are some notable verified YouTubers who have successfully secured the blue verification badge, and they serve as inspiring examples in the YouTube community:

  • PewDiePie: With over 110 million subscribers, PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTubers globally. He’s known for his gaming content, humour, and commentary on various topics.
  • T-Series: T-Series is an Indian music label and film production company with a YouTube channel that has more than 170 million subscribers, making it one of the most subscribed channels on the platform.
  • Shane Dawson: A content creator known for his vlogs, docuseries, and collaborations with other YouTubers. His channel has attracted a massive following due to his relatable and engaging content.
  • Liza Koshy: Liza Koshy’s channel features a mix of comedy sketches, vlogs, and entertaining challenges. Her engaging personality and creativity have earned her the verification badge.
  • NikkieTutorials: As a beauty and makeup guru, NikkieTutorials has become a prominent figure in the beauty community on YouTube. Her expertise and unique makeup tutorials have garnered her a verified status.

These verified YouTubers have not only achieved significant subscriber counts but have also made substantial contributions to their respective content niches. 

Verified creators like these enjoy an array of valuable perks that amplify their influence and presence on the platform. These perks include custom URLs, early access to new features, and priority support from YouTube’s team.

Tips From Verified Channels

Here are some valuable tips drawn from verified channels on YouTube.

These insights can help aspiring creators on their journey toward YouTube verification:

  1. Consistency is Key
  2. Engage with Your Community
  3. Focus on Quality
  4. Collaborate and Network
  5. Master Your Niche
  6. Adapt and Evolve
  7. Always adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines and content policies.
  8. Create a Unique Brand
  9. Promote Outside YouTube
  10. Build an Authentic Audience

Eligibility and Requirements

The path to YouTube verification involves meeting specific eligibility criteria and requirements.

how to get verified on youtube

Subscriber count and channel age play pivotal roles here.

To be eligible, your channel typically needs to have a substantial following with a significant number of subscribers. While the exact subscriber count required can vary, it’s essential to build a large and engaged audience to increase your chances of meeting this criterion. Additionally, your channel should have been around for a while, as YouTube typically doesn’t verify newly created channels. Building a presence and demonstrating a commitment to content creation are fundamental aspects of meeting these criteria.

To qualify for verification, your channel must also adhere to YouTube’s policies and community guidelines. This includes following copyright rules, community standards, and content policies. Violations of these policies can hinder your verification efforts and even get your channel demonetised, making it crucial to maintain a clean and policy-compliant channel throughout your YouTube journey.

Creating and consistently uploading original content is another significant requirement for YouTube verification. The platform values creators who contribute fresh, unique, and engaging material to their audiences. Your content should reflect your creativity and dedication, demonstrating your commitment to providing value to your subscribers. Consistency in content creation showcases your long-term commitment to your channel and audience.

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Preparing Your Channel for Verification

Securing YouTube verification requires thorough preparation to meet the platform’s criteria and enhance your chances of success, and optimizing your channel is an essential step on this path.

This involves refining your channel’s appearance, content, and metadata to make it more attractive to both viewers and the YouTube team responsible for verification. It’s crucial to create a clear and appealing channel banner, develop an engaging channel description, and use relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. This optimisation enhances your channel’s visibility and helps attract a larger and more dedicated audience.

A positive online presence not only reflects well on your channel but also builds trust with YouTube’s verification team. Maintaining a respectful and positive online image is therefore essential. This includes adhering to YouTube’s community guidelines, fostering healthy interactions with your audience, and avoiding any actions or behaviour that could tarnish your digital reputation. A positive online presence not only increases your chances of verification but also contributes to your long-term success on the platform.

Verifying your identity is another critical aspect of preparing your channel for verification. You must ensure that your YouTube account is linked to your official website or social media profiles. This step helps YouTube confirm that you are an authentic and legitimate creator or entity, further reinforcing your eligibility for verification. The more thorough the verification of your identity, the easier it is for YouTube to grant you the coveted blue badge.

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Requesting Verification From YouTube

The path to YouTube verification involves a structured process. In this section, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to the verification request process. 

how to get verified on youtube

The first step in the verification request process is to access YouTube Studio, which is the platform’s content management hub.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Select “YouTube Studio.”

Once you’re in YouTube Studio, follow these steps to fill out the verification form:

  1. In YouTube Studio, go to the left sidebar and select “Settings.”
  2. Click on “Channel” and then “Channel features.”
  3. Locate the “Verification” option and click “Verify.”
  4. Choose your verification method. You can select either “Phone” or “Text message.” Provide the required information based on your choice.
  5. Click “Submit” and wait for YouTube’s response.

After submitting your verification request, YouTube will review your channel.

It’s essential to understand the possible outcomes:

  • Verification Approved: If your request is approved, you’ll receive the coveted blue badge, confirming your verified status.
  • Verification Denied: In case your request is denied, YouTube will provide feedback on why you didn’t meet the eligibility criteria. You can address the issues and reapply in 30 days.
  • Pending Review: Occasionally, your request may be under review. In this case, you’ll need to be patient and await YouTube’s decision.

Appealing a Verification Rejection

If your initial verification request is rejected, all hope is not lost. Understanding the reasons for rejection, making necessary changes, and reapplying strategically can help you get your hands on the blue verification badge.

The first step in the appeal process is to understand why your verification request was rejected. YouTube typically provides feedback regarding the reasons for the rejection. Common reasons may include not meeting subscriber count requirements, failing to adhere to YouTube policies, or issues related to the consistency and originality of your content. Carefully review the feedback provided to pinpoint the specific areas that need improvement.

Once you have identified the reasons for rejection, it’s time to make the necessary changes. Address the issues highlighted in the feedback and take steps to enhance your channel’s eligibility for verification. This may involve increasing your subscriber count, ensuring compliance with YouTube policies, or improving the consistency and originality of your content. These changes are essential for increasing your chances of approval in the appeal process.

After you’ve made the necessary changes to your channel, you can reapply for verification. Keep in mind that there’s a 30-day waiting period after rejection, so ensure that you use this time effectively to address the identified issues. When reapplying, follow the same verification request process as outlined earlier in this guide, paying careful attention to the feedback provided in the rejection.

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Maintaining Verification and Best Practices

Securing YouTube verification is a significant achievement, but it’s equally important to maintain it.

how to get verified on youtube

To maintain your verification, it’s crucial to continue meeting YouTube’s subscriber and content guidelines. These guidelines may evolve over time, so staying informed and ensuring your channel aligns with the platform’s requirements is essential. Be aware of changes in subscriber count requirements, content policies, and community guidelines to avoid any issues that could jeopardise your verification status.

Regularly monitoring your channel’s performance is a key aspect of verification maintenance. Keep a close eye on your subscriber count, engagement metrics, and content quality. Consistently producing original and valuable content that resonates with your audience is vital. Monitoring your analytics and staying up-to-date with YouTube’s algorithm changes can help you maintain or even enhance your channel’s performance.

Community engagement is a significant part of maintaining verification. Actively engage with your audience, respond to comments and feedback, and address any concerns or issues that may arise. Creating a positive and supportive community around your channel not only helps maintain your verification status but also contributes to your overall success on the platform.

Optimising Your Verified Channel

Having made your YouTube channel verified, it’s time to optimise it for even greater success.

Engagement is at the heart of a successful YouTube channel. As a verified creator, it’s crucial to actively engage with your audience through comments, live streams, and community posts. Responding to viewer feedback, conducting Q&A sessions, and seeking input on your content can foster a strong and loyal community. Consistently engaging with your audience helps maintain their interest and loyalty, leading to higher viewer retention and improved channel performance.

Collaborations with other creators can significantly expand your channel’s reach and introduce your content to new audiences. Leverage your verified YouTube channel to foster partnerships with like-minded creators. Collaborative YouTube videos, shout outs, and guest appearances can create cross-promotional opportunities that benefit all parties involved. Additionally, consider using your verification badge for promotional purposes, such as merchandising or brand partnerships, to boost your channel’s visibility and revenue.

You should also regularly analyse the effects of your verification status on your channel’s metrics, including subscriber growth, view counts, and engagement. This analysis helps you understand how verification has influenced your channel’s success and allows you to fine-tune your content strategy accordingly. By tracking the impact, you can make informed decisions to further enhance your channel’s performance.

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Verification Comes With Responsibility

YouTube verification is not just a blue badge; it’s a symbol of authenticity, trust, and influence in the digital world – but it also comes with a responsibility to your audience.

They are giving you their time, and assuming your channel is monetised, you are earning money from their attention, so treat it with respect.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, understanding the value of verification, and adhering to best practices, you can secure your verification status and also keep hold of it, giving a real boost to your channel.

The benefits are substantial, from increased credibility and access to exclusive features to building a loyal and engaged audience. So, whether you’re an aspiring content creator, a brand looking to establish authority, or simply someone with a passion for sharing your verification journey begins now.

Don’t wait; take the first step towards making your mark on YouTube, and let your digital presence grow with the blue badge of authenticity. Just remember that your audience is the real key to your success.

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