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How To View Deleted Reddit Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever found yourself deep into the comments of a Reddit thread only to be greeted with the dreaded: [deleted].

What was said? Was it really so controversial that the user had to purge it. Or did they accidentally let slip that their grandma and brother are cousins. Is that info lost for good, or is there a way to find out what it said?

Whether you’re an inquisitive Redditor seeking the backstory of vanished comments or a seasoned moderator looking to manage your subreddit more effectively, this guide is your key to unravelling the enigma of deleted posts on Reddit.

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Why Do Reddit Posts Get Deleted?

Reddit is a vast and dynamic platform where users engage in discussions, share content, and interact with one another. While much of the content remains accessible, there’s a significant aspect that often piques curiosity: deleted Reddit posts.

view deleted reddit posts

So why are the [deleted] posts so frequent? Here are some of the more common reasons why there are deleted comments and posts on Reddit.

Moderators are responsible for maintaining the quality and adherence to rules within their subreddits. They delete posts that violate subreddit guidelines, such as off-topic content, spam, or offensive material. Understanding the influence of moderator actions is crucial, as it sheds light on the fact that content deletions are often rooted in maintaining the integrity and specific focus of individual subreddits.

In cases of user deletions, the original poster decides to remove their content from the platform. This may occur due to a change of heart, concerns about privacy, or a desire to disassociate from a particular post or comment.

This occurs when a post breaches the rules and guidelines set by a specific subreddit or the site as a whole. These violations can encompass a wide range of issues, from posting inappropriate or offensive content to not adhering to the community’s rules on self-promotion.

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Why Deleted Posts Cause Problems

When posts are removed, often due to rule violations or other reasons, valuable discussions, insights, or historical context can disappear, leaving gaps in the platform’s collective knowledge. This loss of information can hinder users’ ability to understand the full context of a subreddit or a particular topic. 

It’s also a right pain for our curiosity fomo isn’t it? On one hand, users are often driven by curiosity to uncover what led to a post’s removal, making it a quest for answers. On the other hand, hidden within these deleted posts are potential gems of information, unique insights, or lost conversations that users are eager to rediscover.

But while users may be eager to access deleted content, it’s essential to respect legal boundaries and ethical considerations. Retrieving deleted posts without permission, particularly in cases involving personal information or sensitive data, may violate privacy laws and ethical principles. 

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Methods to View Deleted Reddit Posts

While respecting privacy and Reddit’s rules, there are some strategies and platforms that can help you view deleted Reddit comments.

view deleted reddit posts

Caching Services and Archived Content

The world of Reddit is dynamic, with posts and comments appearing and disappearing regularly due to various reasons. However, the traces of these deleted or removed posts often linger in the form of cached and archived content. 

Web archives like the Wayback Machine and are invaluable resource for accessing deleted Reddit content. By entering the URL of a Reddit post or thread, users can view archived versions that may include deleted posts and comments. These archives provide a historical perspective on discussions, allowing users to explore content that has been removed or modified over time. However, the comprehensiveness of the archived content can vary, and not all posts may be captured, particularly from less popular subreddits.

Archive. today is a platform specifically designed to create snapshots of web pages, including Reddit discussions. It offers a user-friendly way to access deleted or removed Reddit content. In addition, specialized services like Removeddit and Ceddit focus on recovering deleted Reddit posts and comments. These services are tailored to the Reddit community, making them reliable tools for accessing content that may have vanished from public view.

While web archives and specialised services are valuable, they have certain limitations. Not all Reddit content is comprehensively archived, especially from smaller or less-visited subreddits. The timing of deletion plays a crucial role; content removed quickly after posting may not be archived. Furthermore, archived content might lack some context, such as usernames or images, impacting the depth of understanding. It’s essential to recognise the dynamic nature of Reddit, where discussions evolve rapidly, and even archived content may not provide the most up-to-date or complete information. Users should be mindful of these limitations when exploring deleted Reddit posts.

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Third-Party Tools and Browser Extensions

Accessing deleted Reddit content is not limited to web archives alone; there are third-party tools and browser extensions designed to help users uncover hidden posts and comments. 

view deleted reddit posts

They employ web scraping and archiving techniques to retrieve historical Reddit threads, even those containing deleted posts and comments. Some popular tools include Unreddit, RIP Archive, Snew, and Pushshift. These tools aim to offer users a window into the past, allowing them to explore Reddit discussions that have been removed from public view.

Using third-party tools and browser extensions comes with certain risks and privacy considerations. Users should exercise caution when granting permissions to these tools, as they often require access to browser data. Security and privacy can be compromised if users select unreliable or poorly maintained extensions. Additionally, some tools may collect user data, making it essential to understand and review their data practices and privacy policies to safeguard personal information.

When using third-party tools and browser extensions to access deleted Reddit content, here are some tips and insights from the Reddit community:

  • Select Reliable Tools
  • Be Cautious with Permissions
  • Stay Informed
  • Respect Privacy
  • Use in Moderation

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Respecting Reddit’s Policies

Exploring deleted Reddit content is an intriguing pursuit, but it’s essential to navigate this space with a strong sense of ethics and respect for the law. 

Reddit has a set of well-defined policies and guidelines that users are expected to follow, and respecting these rules is paramount when accessing deleted Reddit content, as it ensures that you are engaging with the platform responsibly and ethically. There are several key aspects of Reddit’s policies that users should be aware of:

Reddit’s Content Policy outlines the rules and guidelines for content posted on the platform. It covers areas such as hate speech, harassment, and explicit content. When exploring deleted content, users should ensure that their actions align with these content policies to maintain a respectful and safe environment.

Subreddit moderators play a crucial role in enforcing the rules and guidelines of their respective communities. Users should respect their authority and decisions, even if they involve deleting content. Engaging in discussions with moderators can be productive, but it should always be done courteously and respectfully.

Each subreddit may have its specific rules and guidelines. When accessing deleted content within a particular subreddit, it’s imperative to adhere to the unique regulations set by that community. Failure to do so can result in content removal or other consequences.

Privacy and Data Protection

view deleted reddit posts

Users on Reddit have a reasonable expectation of privacy. When exploring deleted content, it’s important to respect the privacy of individuals who may have deleted their posts for personal reasons. Avoid sharing personal information without consent, and be cautious about discussing or identifying specific users unless they have explicitly consented to such discussions.

Reddit users own their posts and comments. When accessing deleted content, users should remember that these posts are the intellectual property of their authors. Reposting or sharing such content without permission may infringe on their rights and violate Reddit’s policies. Always seek consent before using or sharing deleted content for any purpose.

There are legal considerations when accessing and sharing deleted content too, particularly when it involves personal information or copyrighted material. Users should be aware of potential legal consequences related to privacy violations, copyright infringement, or defamation. Consulting legal experts or understanding the relevant laws in your jurisdiction is advisable when dealing with sensitive or legally protected content.


Exploring deleted Reddit content offers a fascinating glimpse into the platform’s history and discussions. It’s vital to navigate this space responsibly, respecting Reddit’s policies and the privacy of its users.

Key takeaways include the importance of adhering to Reddit’s Content Policy, understanding subreddit-specific rules, and seeking consent when sharing deleted content.

Furthermore, ethical choices are paramount to maintain the integrity of the platform and promote a safe and respectful environment for all users.

By approaching deleted Reddit posts with a sense of responsibility and respect, readers can engage in a manner that enriches their Reddit experience while upholding ethical standards.

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